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Lily Allen tells "Extra" she'll get naked

Lily Allen has never been shy about exposing her body, as her various "nip slip" photos have, um, revealed. But now she's willing to do more than just tease the masses, or so she tells TV's "Extra." 


The UK singer-songwriter says she's very happy with how healthy she is now, thank you, and she'd shed her clothes for a mag or movie so long as the pics weren't "exploitative." Since this comes on the heels of gossip blogger Perez Hilton posting a somewhat lewd pic of Allen on his blog (and the pair subsequently feuding), maybe this is a way for Allen to try and take back some control of her own image.


Or maybe the talented Ms. Allen wants to go the way of former Danity Kane singer-turned-Playboy covergirl Aubrey O'Day? Time may tell. [Contact Music]


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I hate that I find this woman so attractive. It makes me feel like I have bad taste. But I CAN'T HELP IT.

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well the interview for extra has 'not been posted as yet! But I will say this, if anything in the way of a comment to a magazine, or an interview with a magazine is done featuring Lily Allen then it is '''FALSE!!! because she does not do printed interviews anymore! And has not done one since June 2008 (paper Magazine) That was the article that made Lily Allen''s supposed drug remarks a problem!


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