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Lily Allen Starts Anti-Piracy Blog for Musicians


Lily Allen is unhappy about other artists who are supportive of fans who download illegal music files, and has set up a blog to voice the opinions of those in opposition to the practice. The blog is named It’s Not Alright and features contributions from James Blunt, Matt Bellamy from Muse and Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes.


“I agree that file sharing is a huge and complicated problem for emerging artists, myself included, and for the future of music,” said Khan. “I will be taking the time to research this, but if you do have any meetings where we can all get together and discuss, (the guy from Muse had some really good points we could take to government), then please let me know.”


It’s unclear why this issue, which has pervaded throughout most of the 2000s, has suddenly disturbed Allen. The practice is so widespread at this point that she’s almost certainly fighting a losing battle. Perhaps sales of It’s Not Me, It’s You didn’t live up to expectations?


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Bat for Lashes
Lily Allen

That's a great idea, Lily. Just let the record companies you sold your soul to sue the hell out of what little fanbase you have left. Then they'll get paid and you'll get jack. Smart. Should've gone with the internet distribution model, dumb bitch. Radiohead and Trent "One Million in a Weekend" Reznor certainly know better.


How is this talentless skank still relevant in any way? NO ONE IS LISTENING?PIRATING lily allen!


I wouldnt even bother to download her piss poor attempts at music anyway, whats she worried about? Why not get a normal job, spoilt twat.


Ha,Ha i just so love it when talentless people like Lily Allen cut there own throats with stupidity like this. She has just ruined her career. Oh well back she goes to scrounge off Daddy. Lily.. take a lesson from me.. I have worked for many pro bands and top 100 bands in the studio i also release my own works.. If someone downloads one of my songs and enjoys it then thats a fan who may purchase a CD in the future so good on them let them download my songs. Now if they download my songs and sell them thats different and thats where you should of concentrated on the black market sellers, counterfiet artists not the poor recession hit public of the united kingdom. Did you know that nearly 20 million people in the uk download either p2p etc.. Thats a lot of fans you have just lost.

Session musician

Damn, that sound's so easy if you think about it.


Great idea Lily!

In 2004 I denouced a music & movie piracy case caused by a University of Maryland professor who has a high level computer degree: Dr. Eric Vermote (born in France). This French-American scientist was using peer to peer technology at his home computer lab containing NASA computer hardware to download music & movies and to create CDs & DVDs for third party distribution to his friends (he was also communicating with his NASA based E-mail account about his peer to peer activities - he is a NASA contractor). Mr. Michael Ellis and Mr. Peter Scott from IFPI in the UK believed these allegations but the FBI did not take seriously and the US Attorney declined to prosecute the case because it had not been substantiated. fact, this type of case involving individuals not selling their pirated content never caused legal issues back then in America (RIAA could not fight and win this type of case). We now have an anti piracy law in France called Hadopi which entirely regulates peer to peer piracy in this country. In my humble opinion the University of Maryland and NASA are mismanaged for employing a looser like Eric Vermote who stole an automobile in Florida and believes peer to peer piracy is also okay like stupid American students.

Damien Bizeau

About this i can say that All lay load on the willing horse.


agree with the author




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