Lily Allen Returns to Twitter, Internet Breathes Sigh of Relief

    Lily Allen just can’t make up her mind. First she slams illegal downloaders, then quits the music industry,  then returns and announces she is not interested in that debate anymore. Then she quits blogging, MySpace and Twitter, only to return to the latter with a flurry of tweets in the last few hours.


    “Hello, I’m back,” she wrote, announcing a return to the service. “Just got back from Aus, and I had a wonderful time,” she continued. “Setting up my new office in London, got some really exciting stuff to share with you.” Allen’s account has been verified by the service, so presumably this is the real deal (or the work of a hacker, but probably not considering the utterly mundane nature of the tweets so far).


    Allen has already started delivering banal details from her day that anxious Twitter users somehow managed to live without over the past few months. “Went to india over xmas, and the clarified butter has made its way from my tummy to my thighs. Eeuuggh,” she writes. Thankfully, the dark days of a Lily Allen-less Twitter are over, until her next tantrum rains hellfire on an unsuspecting Internet.