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Lily Allen Pays Homage To Kanye West And Amy Winehouse

Lily Allen, who shamelessly titled her new album Sheezus recently announced, in an interview with The Telegraph, it is also dedicated to Amy Winehouse. Allen admitted she didn't know Winehouse very well and didn't elaborate too much on the dedication. 

The unabashed Allen who's bared it all stated she gets her inspiration from other artists' work, as mentioned in the interview -- during recording sessions she's brainstormed with producer Greg Kurstin while going through her iTunes. Her "Hard Out Here" video had a clip similar to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Since back from her four year hiatus, she's called her forthcoming album the aformentioned Sheezus because of a friend's suggestion and has mentioned worry of Kanye's opinion on the blatant copy. 

Sheezus will be out on May 5. [NME]




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