Lily Allen Not Quitting Music, New Album Out “in Five Years”


    Lily Allen quit music, then she didn’t, then she did, then she didn’t again. Or something like that. No one can quite keep track of Allen’s John Kerry-like decision making process, which has flip-flopped more times than anyone can remember. She showed up at the NME Awards last night to further clarify the matter, claiming she is not quitting music (for now).


    “I’m setting up a record label and a music charity and website and I’m also doing a vintage clothes shop with my sister, it’s amazing stuff that would be really expensive but we’re renting it [out] for a fraction of the price, so girls can come and get dressed up for a night out and have a laugh!” she said.


    “I’m not making another album for a bit,” she continued. “Maybe in five years.” Allen has at least stuck to her guns in regard to Twitter, and has maintained a presence on there since returning a short while ago. But, as we all know with Allen, anything is possible in the future.


    [via NME]