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Lily Allen rips into Madonna . . . again

Via: Gigwise
British pop-tart Lily Allen has let her big mouth get the better of her once again, as she revisits a familiar target: Madonna. In a recent interview, Allen explains some recent comments she made about Madge:
"I never say anything unprovoked, but an interviewer asked me who, in my opinion, was the most overrated pop star. And overrated for me is someone who sells a lot of records because of who they are. And I don'''t think people buy Madonna'''s records because they think they'''re really good.''"
This is not the first time that Allen has lashed into Madonna. Last summer, she stated that ''"she might have meant something once but I don'''t know many people my age who care." For her part, Madonna hass yet to respond. Most likely because she neither knows nor cares who Lily Allen is.
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Lily Allen

i hope you all remember that #2 on my alltime most overrated list was Madonna. nice one lily.


Whatever. I heard you're the less handsome of the two guys that do the Prefix show for Brooklyn Radio.

Dave Park

Why does anyone care about Lily Allen? Those comments she made could just as easily be applied to herself. Minus, maybe several million in record sales per release. But, yeah, Madonna is overrated but I think most people, including her fans, are aware of that.


i'm with josh. i will add that true blue is awesome.


Who is Lily allen? I live in Dominican Republic and everybody know who is madonna, do you think its voice or Show? I think is show the people who is the best in the scenary. Number one, pop Star, Pop Queen. Look madonna, she is an old Star and she look like a very new one, She dance and she knows how to make the people dance, so please Lily shut up! You will never be Famouse like madonna, you will never make 200 millions dollar in a tour and you will never be a really Queen


Jimmy, please shut up. You cant even speak correct English. The reason you have never heard of Lily Allen is because the Dominican Republic sucks and is extremely poor and she doesnt wish to expose herself to the scum of the earth. Love you Lily!!!


Please, can we just calm down a little, ( o.k. good) Now Lily Allen was asked a question when she made either one of those statements, so if she's giving her honest opinion then that matters more than somebody saying( oh yeah love there work known them for years) because that whole phony act is a tired old game. If Lily Allen answered these questions without being honest then we would not have a real person to read about. When asked all she said was basically, I don't like her work,


A lot of people read Lily Allen's blog, it's there for her fans, not for the people that hate her and need to get a life. she's pretty, talented, and it's nice to hear an opinion from someone in show business


Anyway you slice it, it's a bad move on Lily's part. Madonna has worked her entire life to bulid something. Lilly just slapped her in the face! Bad Lilly. And Mike, I can spell, I'm sure Jimmy's packin' something three times your size, minimum! SCREW Lilly!


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