Lily Allen rips into Madonna . . . again

    Via: Gigwise
    British pop-tart Lily Allen has let her big mouth get the better of her once again, as she revisits a familiar target: Madonna. In a recent interview, Allen explains some recent comments she made about Madge:
    “I never say anything unprovoked, but an interviewer asked me who, in my opinion, was the most overrated pop star. And overrated for me is someone who sells a lot of records because of who they are. And I don”’t think people buy Madonna”’s records because they think they”’re really good.””
    This is not the first time that Allen has lashed into Madonna. Last summer, she stated that ””she might have meant something once but I don”’t know many people my age who care.” For her part, Madonna hass yet to respond. Most likely because she neither knows nor cares who Lily Allen is.