Lily Allen, Lindsay Lohan Discuss Recording Album Together

    It’s like a transatlantic tabloid journalist’s wet dream: Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan are reportedly discussing doing an album together. The idea sounds like it’s totally out of left field until you stop to consider that it’s not really a surprise the two are friends. (Think about it. Really.) UK paper The Sun reports that an anonymous source (the most reliable kind) said:

    "They’ve discussed making a record together, possibly at a pre-arranged studio, while they’re away on holiday. They’ve discussed the Bahamas, and are also planning a trip to the Coachella Music Festival in April to see Amy Winehouse perform."


    Somehow, I have a feeling this won’t pan out (Lindsay Lohan isn’t known for her stick-to-itiveness, even with her solo albums), but who knows? At any rate, it’s nice to hear these girls are maybe making plans about possibly making plans to work together. Idle pop stars’ hands are, apparently, the devil’s playground. [Angry Ape]