Lily Allen Has Online Tantrum and Quits the Music Industry

    Lily Allen has thrown one of those fits that musicians often do when they threaten to quit the music industry after a brief period of dissatisfaction. Allen has recently been upset about illegal downloaders, causing her to start up her own blog on the subject, and inviting other musicians to contribute.


    Now Allen has said she won’t renew her contract with EMI, because “the days of me making money from recording music have been and gone as far as I’m concerned.” All posts on Allen’s blog have mysteriously disappeared in the wake of this statement, so it’s unclear what her next move will be. She previously hinted she might try acting as an alternate profession.


    The singer appears to have become obsessed with the amount of money she is making, commenting that government legalization of file-sharing won’t benefit her, and saying that purchases of her back catalog won’t make her much cash. “I do however remain a fan of new music,” she said. “So this is not some selfish crusade.”