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Lily Allen flashed boobs at Damon Albarn during recording session

So you know how every Axe ad/porn movie involves a girl in the library popping the top two buttons of her blouse and "accidentally" exposing rampant cleavage? Well apparently, this phenomenon is not a myth. Lily Allen has learned that the hard way.


In a failed writing session with the former Blur frontman Damon Albarn, one of Allen's musical heroes, no songs were written. However, Lily Allen's breast did came out to contribute, in a wardrobe malfunction that was actually a malfunction. Allen was done with the session, and "as she got up to leave, two buttons popped on her shirt, leaving her accidentally revealing her 'bra-less chest' to the Blur singer."


Lest you think Albarn would not be interested in such a woman consider this: NME also reports that Allen had another bizarre encounter with a musical hero after she realized her single "Who'd Have Known" off It's Not Me It's You was a ripoff of Take That's "Shine." And Albarn has a history of pursuing attractive indie rockers who unintentionally rip off other musicians.


Of course, considering all the times Lily Allen has accidentally flashed a boob, it might be worth considering buying a new wardrobe. Or at least to start wearing a bra.

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3 articles were written when Lily Allen recently spent an evening, with her grandfather. To date, 37 articles were written about how she was in the recording studio, weeks ago and her shirt revealed too much.Every time something is written about Lily Allen being drunk, pictures come up of her at the glamor awards. Lily Allen's actions are based on everything that the tabloids have already written about her, they are not based on what she really does.Because she has had clothing mishaps before (not counting when the paparazzi's peek with they're cameras) this is another attempt to keep her reputation with tabloid newspapers busy. Notice how they mentioned that this happen in a place that they know they can't go? never happened!


You put "David Albarn" ... It's "Damon"... Please die.


Oof uh. Fixed in text. Headline was correct at least

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