Lily Allen flashed boobs at Damon Albarn during recording session

    So you know how every Axe ad/porn movie involves a girl in the library popping the top two buttons of her blouse and “accidentally” exposing rampant cleavage? Well apparently, this phenomenon is not a myth. Lily Allen has learned that the hard way.


    In a failed writing session with the former Blur frontman Damon Albarn, one of Allen’s musical heroes, no songs were written. However, Lily Allen’s breast did came out to contribute, in a wardrobe malfunction that was actually a malfunction. Allen was done with the session, and “as she got up to leave, two buttons popped on her shirt, leaving her accidentally revealing her ‘bra-less chest’ to the Blur singer.”


    Lest you think Albarn would not be interested in such a woman consider this: NME also reports that Allen had another bizarre encounter with a musical hero after she realized her single “Who’d Have Known” off It’s Not Me It’s You was a ripoff of Take That’s “Shine.” And Albarn has a history of pursuing attractive indie rockers who unintentionally rip off other musicians.


    Of course, considering all the times Lily Allen has accidentally flashed a boob, it might be worth considering buying a new wardrobe. Or at least to start wearing a bra.