Lily Allen does not do drugs

    Fresh from a fight with Katy Perry, Lily Allen has again reached the headlines, this time for her stance on drugs. This quote in British music magazine The Word has caught the eye of tabloid journalists across the globe: "The only story is that drugs are bad and they will kill you. I know lots of people who take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work. But we never hear that side of the story. I wish people wouldn’t sensationalize it. Some people are just bad at taking drugs."

    As you might have guessed, Allen has a new album coming out, and she’s going to drum up as many headlines as she can to support it. It’s Not Me, It’s You is due for release on February 10 in North America, so expect more salacious stories between now and then. In the meantime, Allen has reacted to her drugs controversy by issuing the following statement through her publicist:

    “Lily Allen would like to state unequivocally that she does not condone illegal drug use and has every sympathy with individuals and families whose lives have been blighted by drugs.” Her publicist also uses this opportunity to plug a song on It’s Not Me, It’s You, titled “Everyone’s At It.” According to the statement: “The song itself talks about a culture of both legally prescribed drugs like anti-depressants and also illegal drug use.”


    Expect Allen’s status as a 21st century Nancy Reagan to be confirmed very soon.