Lily Allen Changes Name To Lily Rose Cooper, Starts Recording Again

    Over the past year, Lily Allen has been engaging in a will she/won’t she debate on whether she’s actually making a comeback. Today, she has finally officially confirmed rumors (per a press release) that she’s heading back into the studio to record in the near future.

    But the wrinkle? She won’t be releasing music under the name Lily Allen. Instead, subsequent songs/albums will come under the name Lily Rose Cooper, her married name. No word yet on when new songs will come, but she is rumored to appear on Pink’s new album The Truth About Love.

    For a refresher, the formerly-named Allen quit the music business in 2009 following the release of two critically-acclaimed albums, stating that she wanted to try acting. That never materialized; instead, she became a vocal proponent of laws that shut down file sharing and copyright infringement, sparking controversy from others who pointed out that she had done the same with mixtapes early in her career. She also helped release the world’s first digital musical petition to pressure world leaders to combat climate change at a summit in Copenhagen in 2009. Personally, Allen had a daughter in the interim and got married to building company owner Sam Cooper last summer. [Fact]