Lily Allen announces It’s Not Me, It’s You details

    Despite not putting an album out for two years, Lily Allen has remained an ever-present entity in the tabloids and music press—thanks to bouts with Elton John, her record company, and anyone she felt like. Allen is finally ready to release a follow-up to her great 2006 debut, Alright, Still— It’s Not Me, It’s You. But given Allen’s track record, I’d expect the bouts with anyone she feels like won’t be tapering off any time soon.


    It’s Not Me is due on February 10, 2009, via EMI, and features twelve tracks (including a subtle one called “Fuck You”). Judging by the track list, this album’s about a dude (“Him,” “He Wasn’t There”).   


    It’s Not Me, It’s You track list:


    01 Everyone’s At It
    02 The Fear
    03 It’s Not Fair
    04 22
    05 I Could Say
    06 Go Back To the Start
    07 Never Gonna Happen
    08 Fuck You
    09 Who’d’ve Known
    10 Chinese
    11 Him
    12 He Wasn’t There