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Lil Wayne's Doctors Say "No Flying" After Last Week's Health Scare

After last week's mid-flight medical emergency, Lil Wayne is under strict orders from his doctors to stay off airplanes for awhile, according to TMZ. The rapper was hospitalized last Friday after two seizure-like episodes on back-to-back flights.

Since then, Weezy's been recovering at his mom's house, and sources say he's been told to rest for at least one more week and has been to the doctor twice since, with regular home visits by nurses.

Wayne has told people close to him that the health scare was a result of working himself too hard after being released from jail and has been calling it a "life-changing event" and an "eye-opener." He is planning to return to his Miami home soon, but not by plane, by a luxury bus...Party bus, anyone?

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