Lil Wayne Touring With Skate Ramp

    Lil Wayne’s rabid fans no doubt recall his skateboarding accident a few weeks back that results in his having to get nine stitches over his left eye. Well, he hasn’t let that stop him from continuing his goal to improve his skating skills, so much so that he’s even taken to practicing while he’s on the road. And it’s not like Weezy is just hitting up skate parks here and there or ollieing out on the street. According to TMZ, Weezy has apparently hooked up a portable quarter-pipe to a Cadillac Escalade that travels behind his tour bus. He’s also reportedly hired a professional skateboarder to help him improve. Yeah, that’s dedication. I guess. Could this inspire Lupe Fiasco to make another skater anthem or is it too late for that?

    You can watch footage of Weezy skating below.