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Lil Wayne: <i>The Leak</i> mixtape

I can't keep track of all the Lil Wayne material floating out there. When I first saw this mixtape over at Different Kitchen, I thought it was the mixtape Tha Carter III: The Leak, which is suppose to be the pre-cursor to his official album out in 2008. Nope, turns out this is a different mixtape. Download here.
01. You Ain't Know
02. Breakin My Heart
03. Comfortable Ft. Babyface
04. Operate Me Ft. Wyclef
05. Smoking Section
06. Hundred Million Dollars Ft. Baby Rick Ross And Young Jeezy
07. Man Of The Year Ft. Flo-Rida And Brisco
08. I'm So Hood (Remix) Ft. T-Pain Young Jeezy Ludacris Busta Rhymes Big Boi Fat Joe B
09. Barry Bonds Ft. Kanye West
10. Lyrical Homicide Ft. The Game
11. Bandana On The Right (Prod. By Nu Jersey Devil)
12. Don't Give A Fuck
13. Outstanding (Prod. By Cipha Sounds)
14. Sweet Girl Ft. Akon And Wyclef
15. 9mm Ft. Snoop Dogg (Prod. By David Banner)
16. Whatever You Like
17. How We Roll
18. Them Pots Is Hot
19. Workin' Em
20. Shorty Bounce
21. Can't Tell Me Nothing
22. Whip Whip
23. Pussy Monster
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Lil Wayne

Man... I don't even know. The Lil Wayne mixtapes get to be a bit much. I have a few, but now I'm starting to notice a lot of overlapping tracks. I get pissed when I have 3 or 4 copies of the same song in iTunes like that. I try to stick to the more official mixtapes myself... like DEDICATION 2 or ones you might actually see at Bestbuy or something. I'm glad he's putting out the official LEAK next month, though.


good lord, i still need to get the last two. weezy is putting em out faster than i can download.

Nat Weiner

Nah...WEEZY is not putting them out faster than we can download. These lame DJs are putting them out faster than we can download. I can make a name, say "DJ GP", put 20 of my downloaded Wayne tracks together, photoshop some goofy artwork, call it something catchy like "The Fireman: 504 Degreez", and post it on datpiff as a weezy mixtape. I'm with Bradford on this one. Stick to the Dedications and Droughts. Sometimes the New Orleans Nightmares and Wayne's Worlds are alright. As far as wayne mixtapes go, if you go to datpiff and type in "Lil Wayne" and sort by rating, you'll get 150+ "Lil Wayne" mixtapes, only a handful of which are official. It's getting ridiculous. I can't wait for the album, regardless.


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keisha lee



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