Tha Carter, Vol. 3 delayed until 2008

    Although Lil’ Wayne seems to be popping up everywhere right now, don’t expect Tha Carter, Vol. 3 until 2008. In an interview with MTV, Wayne had this to say:[more:]

    “A lot of things [are] coming out this year,” Weezy explained. “My artist Currency, I don’t wanna drown him. Then I’m on a lot of people’s stuff. A lot of people want to use the songs I’m on as singles. That would be a quick, ‘No, reject,’ if my album was out. I don’t like that. I want all that to be when I come out. … Plus I was given advice by my big brother Nelly about how to do that. He said, ‘You gotta make them want you.’
    “I got a song with Enrique Iglesias and people who sell a million records on their own,” he continued about his recent collaborations. “Then I got songs with people from the ‘hood. I got songs with everybody. Put their fans with mine, 5 million [albums sold]!”

    From a business perspective, it does seem like a good move to make people wait and build up the anticipation. As a fan it’s disappointing to have to wait until next year. Thanks a lot Nelly. [Lil Wayne Blames Nelly For Tha Carter, Vol. 3’s Delay]