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<i>Tha Carter, Vol. 3</i> delayed until 2008

Although Lil' Wayne seems to be popping up everywhere right now, don't expect Tha Carter, Vol. 3 until 2008. In an interview with MTV, Wayne had this to say:
"A lot of things [are] coming out this year," Weezy explained. "My artist Currency, I don't wanna drown him. Then I'm on a lot of people's stuff. A lot of people want to use the songs I'm on as singles. That would be a quick, 'No, reject,' if my album was out. I don't like that. I want all that to be when I come out. ... Plus I was given advice by my big brother Nelly about how to do that. He said, 'You gotta make them want you.'
"I got a song with Enrique Iglesias and people who sell a million records on their own," he continued about his recent collaborations. "Then I got songs with people from the 'hood. I got songs with everybody. Put their fans with mine, 5 million [albums sold]!"

From a business perspective, it does seem like a good move to make people wait and build up the anticipation. As a fan it's disappointing to have to wait until next year. Thanks a lot Nelly. [Lil Wayne Blames Nelly For Tha Carter, Vol. 3's Delay]
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I heard Fiddy might retire. At least Lil Wayne fans will get an album.

Yung Daba

I hope Fiddy does retire. At least Lil Wayne fans will get a listenable album.

J To The A.A.P.

boo's right. he's been saying he wants to make people wait so they'll want it more. um, Saigon? anyone still excited to hear that? strike while the iron's hot, people.

michael pollock

Wayne's right, his albulm is so anticipated right now. and starring on everybody's songs is making worse, ya diggg?

Amber Terrell of Mobile,Al

man i think that is rediculos because now we aint gonna be able to listen to the best reapper alive until 2008 its 2007 now!!


i love lil wayneeeereppin time is my faveeeeeeeeeda drought threee was the besttim annoyedddddddddd that i have to wait for vol 3 of the carterrrr :( :(


I love Lil Wayne, too. Even though the album is delayed, I feel like there's been tons of Weezy material this year--between all his guest spots and mixtapes. Oops, I mean mixtapessssssssssss.


wuz lil wayne is my nigga get on his level wuz focuse on cash ent


i wuz at a Weezy concert and he said that the CD is still coming out on Dec. 18, 2007.


lol i mean this from the heart but lil wayne is just a fake jay-z dats all jay-z words mixed up lol yall stupid what is so hot about repeating the same line aboutt money and women and car no respect but yall all going to hell for follow somebody that represent satan lupa has more talent than lil wayne has twista on verse would kill lil wayne hole career jay-z has 11 platinum album come on man lets get serious

remedy thomaz baton rouge

$$$$$that cd is hot$$$$$


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