Lil Wayne Sued For Allegedly Stealing The “How To Love” Beat

    It’s time to add another entry to your list on Lil Wayne lawsuits. He has been sued by rapper Rich Rick, who claims that the Young Money rapper stole the beat to the acoustic guitar-driven “How to Love.” TMZ reports that Rick claims that he bought master recordings between the years 2006 and 2009, with one of them being what we now hear all over the radio on “How to Love,” from a producer crew named Drummer Boyz.

    Also, Rick claims that the producers sold the same exact beat to Weezy, who bought it as part of a 35 percent royalty agreement. As such, Rick is suing Weezy, Drummer Boyz, and others for breach of contract, fraud, and other claims while stating that he is entitled to whatever the producers received from Weezy plus 10 percent interest.

    You can stream “How to Love” below.