Lil’ Wayne Discusses Election, Even Though He Can’t Vote (Video)

    Because of his gun possession conviction in 2007, Lil’ Wayne won’t be heading out to the voting booth on Nov. 6, but that doesn’t mean the rapper can’t study up on the presidential candidates. In an interview with MTV News, Wayne said that he’s following this election but isn’t partial toward a certain candidate.

    “I did follow it, I am paying attention to it and you know for me following it meaning I kinda did my research on who both of these people were and not really about what they’re talking about or what they’re politicking about… but just trying to figure out who these people are,” the rapper said.

    Even though he can’t partake in the electoral process, Wayne still understands the importance of voting and hopes the American public chooses the right candidate. 

    “That’s all I can do from a personal standpoint,” he said, “I can’t vote, so all I can do is figure out who these people are and whoever you guys choose at least I know a little about them.” [MTV News]

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