Lil Wayne Now In Gen. Pop. At Riker’s Island

    Lil Wayne’s prison sentence has started without a hitch (after many, many hitches were thrown into the sentencing of said prison sentence), and the NY Daily News has a story up about how Wayne is going to be treated like a regular prisoner throughout his stay. That is, a normal prisoner who is a gang member, as he has been granted “general population escort status,” which means that when he’s out in the yard, he’ll be escorted by a correction captain. But he’ll be left on his own with other 17 guys in his cell block when in lockdown, however. Wayne is expected to be in Riker’s for at least eight months of his sentence, when the possibility of early parole/move to a half-way house becomes a possibility. But given the severity of the charges–drugs and weapons–he’ll probably have to do the entire year. [NY Daily News]