Lil Wayne gets ESPN blog, hearts the Packers and Boston Bruins

    ESPN has given the auto-tuner luminary we like to call Lil-Wayne a sports blog after talking to him about how many players use his music as their at-bat tunes. Wayne divulged a couple of nuggets in his inaugural post: most notably that he likes the Green Bay Packers and he not only watches hockey, but prefers the on-ice exploits of the Boston Bruins (this makes him part of the smallest minority in America: hockey fans who like the Bruins). Plus Wayne digs tennis as well.


    As a Packer fan, it’s been pretty good so far. Aaron Rodgers has been wonderful, man. He’s handled everything, and way more than just the football part. Of course it helps the Jets aren’t doing nothing.


    Besides the Packers, my favorite teams are the Red Sox, the Lakers and the Boston Bruins. I also love tennis. I had a lot of people over to my place to watch the Wimbledon final this year, and we went crazy. I love Federer but Nadal is my favorite. He’s the man.


    On the surface, it seems strange to let Lil Wayne have a prominent blog on the pre-eminent sports website, but when it gets down to it I’d prefer to listen to what Wayne thinks of the Patriots chances rather than that evil space lizard Skip Bayless. [via Real Talk NY]


    Photo Credit: Chris Owyoung/