Lil Wayne Gets Baker Skateboards Tattoo On Forehead

    Lil Wayne is no stranger to tatting up his face and given his newfound love for skateboarding, it’s not shocking he gave love to Baker Skateboards by tatting “Baked” on his forehead. With that said it is a bit strange he went with “Baked”* over “Baker” and we always figured he’d get a 5Boro tattoo if he were to get any skateboard compaany’s logo plastered on his face. 

    While he recently dropped a new single, “Good Kush & Alcohol (B-tches Love Me)” off I Am Not A Human Being Part II, it’s safe to assume that rap has officically taken a back seat to skateboarding for Tunechi. Now where’s that new skate footy? [Rap-Up]

    *Okay, he was probably baked when he got the tattoo.