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Lil' Wayne 'The Drought Is Over Part Six: The Reincarnation' (Free Download)

Although Lil' Wayne released The Dedication 3 last week, today marks the release of another mixtape, The Drought Is Over Part Six: The Reincarnation. It's obvious that Weezy doesn't fear overexposure ans why should he? 2008 has been the year of Weezy and he's shown zero signs of slowing down.





Track list for The Drought Is Over Part Six: The Reincarnation:

01. The Reincarnation
02. I’m A Monster
03. Red Magic Ft The Game
04. Nina
05. Best Thing Yet
06. First Place Winner Ft Swizz Beatz, Curren$y & Mack Maine
07. Gorilla
08. Louisianimal Ft Lil Boosie
09. Down Here Ft Rick Ross
10. My Office
11. I Feel Me (Produced By Mental Instruments)
12. Put Me In The Game
13. Different Girl Ft Nu Jerzey Devil
14. Blinded
15. Forever Ft Chris Brown
16. See It For Myself
17. Tell Everybody That You Know Ft Kanye West
18. Whatever You Like Ft Jae Millz & Young Gutta
19. Shootout
20. Dick Pleaser Ft Jae Millz
21. Street Life

22. Drought Is Never Over


Download link:


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Lil Wayne

I downloaded an the shiz on fye!!
Holy smokes wayne!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/TeaBrooks/lil_romeo_1219049604.jpg TaeBrooks

i crazy love lil wayne, not good at downloading the videos. can someone help me witht that... PLZ

sheye 9ja

check it lil wayne's the best either you like it or not dedication 3 is history! Wayne is the best rapper alive so you hater's that keep hatin are worthless!

tyler a



tupac and biggie ain't got s--t


wooah wooooaah woooaahh dont go on and say tupac and biggie aint got sh-t, ur nuts

r cost

get off weezys nuts...all yu is sum hella supafiyd suckas half of the drought 6 iz dedication 3...he overduing the autotune to a maximum he needs to actually come up with a drought that is quality...and that hoe ugler den forrest gump!



lil wayne is gay and a fake ass blood he over rated rap 50 cent is the best raper alive g unot killa **** that KID THAT SAID LIL WAYEN IS BETTER THEN THE GRATEST RAP TUPAC **** BIGGE IF YOU WONT TO KNOW IF SAID IT LIL MAC FROM THE VALLEY 801 UTAH GET MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


weezy sickest person alive 2 ever do hip hop get off him. Dont touch he is 2 sick


your all chumps and 50 cent is trash


wayne be goin the fukk off but tupac and biggie were the kings back when rap was rap, wayne him self will let you know they were the greatest

swagger chamillion

Weezy is a gud rapper but sayn he bedda den big n pac u must b high.... N lil Mac stop tryna b a internet gangsta


lil wayne is f**kin HOT! ;) love his music, that fella makes me laugh :)love yooh Dwayne!


LIL MAC WEST VALLEY UT 801 ur dizzy u stupid fool lil wayne will always be best rapper alive


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