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Lil Wayne clarifies Tha Carter III re-release


Apparently, that Tha Carter III re-release that was announced this week is more than just a way for Lil Wayne’s record company to milk a few more bucks out of the album. Instead, in this video interview with MTV, Lil Wayne says that the album will feature all new songs, will be called Tha Carter III: The Rebirth, and will be more experimental.


Now, this naturally brings up the question, “Why not call it Tha Carter IV?” But Wayne says he’s worried people might not like the new tracks, so naming it Tha Carter IV might not be the best option.


However, it seems like not every track will be new, in a separate interview with MTV, he said that the album would feature a bevy of “A Milli” remixes and a duet with Ludacris that was supposed to be on Tha Carter III. So make of that what you will. Lil Wayne: a man of contradictions. [MTV]

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Lil Wayne

i hope 'experimental' doesnt mean 'vocoder'


kind of stupid, like what's the big deal? just call it the carter 4.


broaden your horizons rob


go for it weezy


he;s not gunna call it tha Carter IV b.c he doesnt want people to be like Tha Carter I II and III were hot, but tha Carter IV was sh*t. most likely its gunna be more of his songs like california love and me n my drank. he's been experimenting with those tempos and that style alot lately. and there are so people, like me, who like that kind of style, and then their some people who don't. yeah it is kinda strange, but he's tha one makin tha records, and tha money. so i guess he can call it whatever tha f*ck he wants too


Mane ya'll gotta learn how to mot question ur master jus let da professional do his thang


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