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Lil Wayne booked on drug charges in Arizona

Lil Wayne was reportedly arrested today on felony drug charges after his tour bus was pulled over at a checkpoint in southwestern Arizona. Captain Eben Bratcher of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department told Reuters that border patrol agents searched the bus after being alerted by drug-sniffing dogs; they apparently recovered marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, $22,000 in cash, and a .40-caliber pistol that was registered in Florida under Carter’s name. Two other passengers, Curtis Stewart and Harold Johnson, were also said to have been arrested for possession of marijuana. This comes only about six months after Lil Wayne was taken to jail on gun- and marijuana-related charges after his first show in New York City. [Yahoo]
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Lil Wayne guys (allegedly) caught with drugs...what a shock. Call Ripley's!

Steve L

" guys (allegedly) caught with drugs...what a shock. Call Ripley's!"

Seriously?! You shouldn't be allowed to use the internet, Steve!

Tim M


Tim R.

I feel like Steve's comment should just be deleted by a moderator or something..

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif noise redux

Steve, you need to go play in traffic!


Alert to the PC Police: shut up, morons. Stereotypes are funny and, more often than not, accurate. "Oh, noes!!! Hate speech!!!" Very true, because I hate people that preach political correctness by using the "culprit" as a whipping post. Continue.


Censor me if you will, but suck my dick Steve.


im so in love wid lil wayne...
personelly i will love to to see wayne an zac kiss


i hope lil wayne kicks ur ass


Damn, I love that man. I hope he keeps puttin out that good stuff for his fans out here that support him 100%!!!


keep yo heads up he never gonna give up wit his great works of songs wayne you never die without hearing your own music holla back t.o.g


wow. steves a dumbass and lil wayne is ill as hell. keep the flow going baby. youre the greatest rapper alive.


Hell yeah except he got caught that sux


Yea STEVE I think that is a rude comment. Black or not, that has nothing to do with getting caught with happens.. ITS AMERICA!!!!




im comin for you steve


He's going to jail yall...maybe he'll come out with some sick beats in 10 to 20 haha


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