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Lil Wayne and Drama Releasing New Mixtape, <i>No Ceilings</i>

In an interview during his 27th birthday party, Lil Wayne announced that he and his old chum DJ Drama will be releasing a new mixtape, titled No Ceilings, very soon. Now that the suit between the two has been squashed, they apparently can get together on this new tape. Apparently Jay Gudda, someone Lil Wayne pays, wrote on his Twitter that the tape is going to be great, so...take that for what it's worth. [2 Dope Boyz



Download here.


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DJ Drama
Lil Wayne

ahhh cant wait!


this is going to be the illest mixtape i dare somebody to tell me different lmfao

kobe bryant

it won't be the illest but close to it....the hottest in my eyes is lil weezyana!!!!

Lebron James

Naw, the previous mixtape he did with Dj Drama, Dedications 2, OMG!!!!

Tracy McGrady

he put down the cup for this one! its ganna be legit.


Oh, but wait til he sign me to kill the next one wit him! F'n LTdot

F'n Lieutenant

naw weekly weezy kills it all

yao ming

I just released it YME

Lil Wayne

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