Lil Kim to pose for Playboy

    I’m not sure what the big deal around this is because Lil’ Kim used to practically walk around naked. In any case, reports are out that the petite rapper was offered to be the centerfold for Playboy’s December 2008 issue.


    According to the NY Post, Hugh Hefner is making the full-court push to get Lil’ Kim nude for the men’s magazine.

    “’I am willing to shell out any amount for Kim, I’ve been trying to get her to do it for years!’ Hugh exclaims. The two have not been shy about their feelings for each other when Hugh was seen kissing Lil’ Kim at a post Grammy party back in 2001.”

    “Kim previously declined the offer for the cover citing her religious beliefs and devotion to God, but a source close to Kim says “the only reason why she declined it at the time was because the money was not enough, this time the money is right.”