Lil Jon x Diplo I Don’t Like You (Jayou Remix)

    Just finished writing up Kylie’s new one (review should post shortly), so I’m in a workout-music state of mind. And what better way to follow-up some energetic cardio than with some screwface-inducing deadlifts? ‘swhy I’m probably so open to Lil’ Jon and Diplo’s “U Don’t Know Me” at the moment: anger par excellence over massive, medulla-crushing dubstep. What could be better than an excuse to scream, “Middle fingers up?” Pounds of bloody red meat? Nope, a remix!

    Jayou’s remix adds a little thump to the intro, but mostly sticks to the bassy dubstep of the o.g. Strangely, because so much of the remix is in the subs, you can actually better make out the other notable quotables: “Bus’ a mu’fu’hah / They don’ like it, f**k them n****s, bus’ a mu’fu’hah.” It’s not even Easter, and yet there are so many eggs.

    Too bad the number didn’t make the final track list of that long-delayed Lil’ Jon solo jawn, so here’s an excuse to give this loosie some burn. Hell, you may’ve had the sort of day that warrants playing this at maximum volume:

    Lil Jon & Diplo – I Don’t Like You (Jayou Remix) by JAYOU

    [Via Discobelle]