Lil Boosie’s Kid Raps For His Defense Fund


    As Prefix’s resident expert on the world of kid rap, that branch of YouTube videos that features tiny human beings approximating rap so cutely. Today comes a rare type of kid rap: The sorta competent. Lil Boosie’s daughter Ivyana is in the above video, freestyling a song called “Daughter of a King and Queen,” in order to bring attention to her dad’s legal struggle (he’s in jail facing first degree murder charges). Will Smith just forced Willow into more rap classes after this: Ivyana is the best kid rapper since Mini Daddy, and she can actually sorta rap!



    The site the freestyle promotes is called UHatin?, which details Boosie’s case. Apparently he’s being charged for a murder entirely on circumstantial evidence, and the D.A. in New Orleans has stashed him on Death Row, even though he hasn’t faced trial yet. The D.A. also froze Boosie’s assets, so he can’t even pay his attorney. [Pop Dust]