Lil Boosie Hitman Changes His Story, Dude Arrested For Posting Threats On Twitter

    The Lil Boosie trial started for real this week, and things have been as out of control and crazy as Lil Boosie’s pre-trial shenanigans were. First off, the man who Boosie allegedly hired for the murder of Terry Boyd, “Marlo Mike” Louding, changed his story and said that Boosie didn’t order him to kill Boyd, because he didn’t kill Boyd. Someone else did, according to Boyd. Boyd also claimed on the stand that police threatened him in order to get him to confess. 

    Just in case you think the guy might not just be trying to spring Boosie for the murder charge, he has a tattoo that says, “Yo Boosie Who’s Next?” 

    In other Boosie trial-related craziness, a man with the Twitter handle @dixie_goon225 posted Tweets that threatened district attorney Hillar Moore (“I Got A Sniper Rifle” was one of them). The man, Derrick Deandre Green, was charged with public intimidation and terrorizing. 

    This is only going to get crazier as it rolls on. [Billboard]