Lil B Working On Collaborative EP With Jay Electronica

    Rumors of a joint EP by Lil B and Jay Electronica began swirling last month after his set at the Paid Dues festival. But we hadn’t heard any real official news on the project until today when the Based God sat down with MTV for the above interview. He explains that he feels like they both share similarities in their subject matter — you know, on the track that he admits aren’t made to get girls out of their clothes.


    Anyone who has dug deeper into Lil B’s catalog knows that he’s capable of dealing with some real, emotionally heavy topics. But it’s still surprising to learn that he’s linked with a dude who hip-hop purists have already labeled as a top-tier MC. According to the Based God, the music on the EP will be “very spiritual, very uplifting, very deep” with lyrics spoken in code and some “amazing beats.”


    I wouldn’t hold your breath for this one to drop anytime soon. Although, knowing Jay’s spontaneous release schedule and Lil B’s work ethic, it’s impossible to judge when we’ll hear this.


    [Rap Radar]