Lil B To Try Out For Golden State Warriors?

    Lil B is no stranger to publicity stunts–the dude titled an album I’m Gay, after all. Now he seems to be in a more athletic, Golden State-of-mind. Witness this tweet:

    As Aux points out, there have been no shortage of athletes trying their hand at a music career (raise your hand if you still own Shaq Diesel), but it tends to be a one-way street. Master P airballed a bunch of threes at a Toronto Raptors training camp a few years ago, and now it appears the Based God wants to be a god on the court. It’s hard to imagine the Warriors trying him out so close to the season, but given Stephen Curry’s injury woes, maybe stashing an exuberant towel-waving guy to fetch wonton soup won’t be such a bad idea.

    You can see the Based God playing some hoops in his video for “Warm Up.”