Lil B Possibly Collaborating With Drake

    For being as prolific as he is, Lil B has always been a relative loner on the mic, recording almost exclusively by himself with little room for cameos from other MCs. However, on Thursday, the Based God did share via Twitter that the one artist whom he’d love to collaborate with is Drake. Soon thereafter, the folks at Fuse called up B to talk about a potential Drizzy partnership. Straight from the man born Brandon McCartney:

    “Yeah, we’re about to do something real big. I can’t speak on it too much right now, but Drake is the only artist [Lil B] wants to work with. We’ve talked about doing some production. [Drake] wants to do something and we’re gonna make it happen. Something real big, so just look out for it.”

    Sounds good to us. Watch a couple of songs Lil B has been featured on below.