Lil B Is Apparently The Musical Sponsor Of VCU


    Were you guys aware that the NCAA basketball tournament is going on? I was, because I am a normal guy. Also beer. Virginia Commonwealth University is one of the teams in the final four, and apparently the team has picked an unlikely musical guide: Lil B, whose “swag” mantra has become the team’s own mantra, as they steamroll other teams that I have never heard of (my bracket is busted, I guess?).


    Or at least that’s what the Wall Street Journal says, as they tracked down Lil B to talk about VCU answering “swag” to their coaches speeches. It sorta seems like they just latched onto the word, and not necessarily Lil B, but apparently the group did Lil B’s cooking dance too. So, maybe Lil B’s fame is starting to take off? It’s not like Soulja Boy has basketball players doing his dance right now (at least not anymore). [WSJ]