Light On Georges St. Pierre Vs. Anderson Silva Fight Dims

    On Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight,” Dana White expressed that depending on whether Georges St. Pierre beats Carlos Condit and in what fashion, MMA fans worldwide may finally be able to see the epic fight between the UFC welterweight champion and middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

    White stated:

    “I think we’re pretty close. If Georges St-Pierre beats Condit, that could be the next fight”

    But in a recently interview with MMAweekly, Georges St. Pierre clearly claims that he is not focused on that possibility at the moment. He still has Carlos Condit to worry about.

    The former WEC champion and current UFC interim welterweight champion scientifically won a decision over the former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz back in February 2012. He has finishes out of his 28 victories, has been injury free and is hungry to win that title.

    Malki Kawa, Condit’s manager in an interview with MMA Weekly said “He doesn’t care about none of this stuff; he just sits there and says, ‘Hey, I spoiled their plans once with Nick (Diaz). I’ll spoil it again with Georges; so who cares.”

    So at this point, there really is no need for St. Pierre to even think about a possible match up with Silva at this point. He has a man that will stand in front of him more than hungry enough to prove critics wrong.

    In response to the question asking whether Condit is being disrespected because of this talk, St. Pierre said “It’s terrible,” GSP said of the talk. “I hate that, but I’m not focusing on that. I’m not speculating. I’m thinking about Condit right now. That’s what I should do.”

    And then St. Pierre importanly stated:

    “I feel like I have a lot of guys that are there and I don’t understand why people are going crazy now, but I just came back from an injury, so maybe some people see me as a weak link. We’ll see what’s going to happen in the future.”

    And this may be true. Jonny Hendricks and Martin Kampamann both have been making their way through the clutter and will be facing each other at UFC 154. There are up and coming stars such as Rory MacDonald who will be facing BJ Penn at UFC on Fox 5. Erick Silva is another one of the upcoming stars. Out of his 11 wins he has 8 finishes. If you don’t count the controversial DQ, he’d have 12 wins and 9 finishes. Then who knows, maybe even the ever elusive Nick Diaz will be back in the game at some point in the future. 

    George St. Pierre will be facing Carlos Condit at UFC 154 on November 17, 2012 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Watch the interview below:

    [MMA Mania]