Life Imitates Art For AMC’s Breaking Bad

    Walter White is on Alabama’s most wanted list for cooking methamphetamine. But this isn’t the plot of the latest episode of Breaking Bad, but just an interesting case of life imitating art. An Alabama man coincidentally has the same name and illegal occupation as Bryan Cranston’s character from the popular AMC drama.

    The Tuscaloosa News first broke the story, stating that the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office had placed White on the priority list of most wanted criminals. White is wanted on a violation of probation after being charged for making amphetamines in 2008.

    Obviously, Breaking Bad (which is now in its fifth season on AMC) was not inspired by the real Walter White, as nothing’s been reported about White having a past battle with cancer or being a former high school chemistry teacher. But from the looks of things, it may best for White if there’s a real-life Saul Goodman somewhere in Alabama.