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Liars Releasing Live EP And New Single

This year’s Liars/Fol Chen shows have been among the highlights of the live music calendar, with members of the latter helping flesh out Angus Andrew’s band and lending a great deal of heft to the Sisterworld songs. Now, in an appropriate move, Liars are releasing a live EP, which was recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on May 27.


Unfortunately, this release is an iTunes-only exclusive, which isn’t good news for folks who care about things like shitty bitrates and pricing. But there is some good news for those who still crave owning their music in physical form—Liars are also releasing “Proud Evolution” from Sisterworld as an EP on Oct. 19.


This release of “Proud Evolution” will contain a Thom Yorke remix of the song, a live version of it recorded at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and three new songs titled “Come Now,” “Total Frown,” and “Strangers.” The track listing for that Live at Shephereds Bush release looks like this:


01 Scissor

02 Proud Evolution

03 The Overachievers

04 Clear Island

05 A Visit from Drum

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