Liam Neeson Knows How To Navigate In New Clip From ‘Taken 2’ (Video)

    For anyone deeply attached to the humanistic story behind “Taken” and who left the theater wondering “will this family be able to move on from their horrifying ordeal or will they be taken again?,” Liam Neeson has an answer: Yes.

    In the spirit of action sequels, Taken 2 is essentially the exact same movie as its original, save for a new setting. This time the Mills family is in Istanbul (beware: ambiguously ethnic stereotyping territory!), and mother is the target instead of the daughter. The rest, however, appears to be textbook Neeson: we can expect plenty of promises delivered in his trademark brogue and of course an orgy of chase scenes, fist fights, shooting, running, scholarly discourse on the important of family, etc.

    Check out a new clip from the film, featuring several of the abovementioned Neeson norms and also a particularly intense encounter with a GPS device!

    Taken 2 hits theater Oct. 5.