Liam Gallagher’s New Band Recording Soundtrack

    Liam Gallagher has been giving innumerable interviews during his stint in Cannes this week, where he’s promoting his one-off venture into film by producing a movie based on Richard DiLello’s memoir of his time with the Beatles. Now, it emerges that Gallagher will produce the soundtrack to the film with his new, as yet unnamed band.


    “[We could use The Beatles] if we want it,” he said, “But we’re gonna do it – my new band’s going to do the soundtrack. We can recreate that sound like that, you know what I mean? I think it will be more exciting if you have a sound that reminds you of that era, instead of the obvious, going, ‘Oh, there’s ‘Let It Be”.”


    We already know that his former Oasis bandmates Gem Archer and Andy Bell are in Gallagher’s new lineup, and after years of experience playing sub par Beatles facsimiles, this new assignment surely won’t be a stretch for anyone involved. The singer also claimed that new music will be made available by the group in October this year.


    [via NME]