Liam Gallagher Tweets About Oasis Split Rumors

    Oasis were due to headline the huge V Festival in England at the weekend, but had to pull out after singer Liam Gallagher went down with a bout of viral laryngitis. The Gallagher brothers haven’t been getting along well in recent times (have they ever?) so a few reporters have drawn these strands together and speculated on a permanent split in the Oasis camp.


    Liam has used Twitter to voice his concerns on the cancellation and the split rumors, saying: “First things first V I’m gutted, you’re gutted. I’m sorry, what can I say? Fuck all at the moment.” He then went on to tweet: “Secondly, respect to those bands who covered Oasis last night, even though I might of given some of you shit in the past.”


    Snow Patrol and MGMT were among the bands who hastily added Oasis covers to their sets at the festival. Lastly, Liam quashed rumors of the split, indicating that Oasis may indeed “Live Forever”: “Finally reports in smartarses’ column about Oasis last British gig ever. The kid’s talking out his arse, I mean Rkids, beware of darkness.”