Liam Gallagher Says John Lennon Is The Greatest Songwriter Of All Time

    You have to give the Gallagher brothers credit, they always find a way to make news even when they aren’t promoting an album. This time, it comes in the form of NME naming John Lennon its Ultimate Musical Icon of the past 60 years.

    Former Oasis and current Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher made news by saying he is a bigger fan of Lennon than Paul McCartney and that he doesn’t thin anyone can ever be as good as Lennon.

    “John Lennon means everything to me. I wouldn’t say he’s a better songwriter than McCartney, I’d say they’re both different but great,” the mercurial singer said. “But I like Lennon’s stuff more because it’s a bit more beautiful, and it’s more mad.”

    In the midst of praising Lennon, Liam manages to use the opportunity to take another shot at his brother Noel while comparing him to McCartney.

    “McCartney’s like Noel – he’s too nice. Lennon was twisted and I like that kinda shit. His voice is the main thing I love. I like his speaking voice! That’s pretty fucking mega. But his voice when he sings is the one. Political voice? Don’t give a shit, couldn’t care less about politics. But everything else – his singing voice, his songs, and his words – means the world to me.”