Liam Gallagher Preparing New Album


    Despite the long-overdue break-up of Oasis, Liam Gallagher just cant keep out of the press. The singer has been talking about his future plans since the split with his brother Noel, and claims he will have new material ready later this year. Gallagher has formed a new band with former Oasis sidemen Andy Bell and Gem Archer.


    “A lot of these songs I wrote before the band split up,” Gallagher said. “I mean, there’s a few new ones on there that are coming out now. We’re going in [the studio] in April with a producer, we’re going to do three songs with him and if he doesn’t balls it up and we don’t balls it up then we’ll go in and do the whole album with him.”


    He also criticized the workrate in Oasis: “”Seven albums for Oasis is not good, I don’t think. We’ve been going 18 years, 16 years or whatever and all we’ve done is seven albums.” Sadly, for Ride fans, Bell’s involvement probably mean a reunion of his former band isn’t going to happen any time soon, which would be a more appetizing proposition than this Gallagher solo project.


    [via NME]