Liam Gallagher On Rumors Of Oasis Reunion: “I’ve Never Said A F–king Dicky Bird. F–k Oasis”

    Are Liam and Noel Gallagher the smartest men in the world? While the bitter rivalry that plagues their relationship is at times juvenile, obnoxious, stupid, and some combination of the three, it certainly does well to keep the brothers relevant and permanently headline fodder (which is the preferred marketing strategy, it seems).

    The latest Gallagher verbal scrimmage was triggered by–what else–a journalist asking Liam how he felt about the “untimely demise” of Oasis and whether he was happy for Noel’s successful solo career. Q Magazine‘s strategic line of questioning produced exactly the response they were (probably) hoping for:

    Was I pleased for him? What, for splitting up my fucking band? I’m not pleased for him, no! I hope he’s fucking happy but he doesn’t look it.

    And on rumors of an Oasis reunion:

    It was Noel who started that rumour, I’ve never said a fucking dicky bird. Fuck Oasis as far as I’m concerned and fuck Noel Gallagher. The thought of going onstage with that fucking idiot and hanging out with his daft mates, the pretend drug addicts and all his snobs from Sloane Street. Fuck that, not interested, mate. We’re Beady Eye all the fucking way.

    So that’s that. Not a dicky bird’s chance of an Oasis reunion (is anyone actually still hoping for this? Just wondering). Liam’s current band, Beady Eye, is busy in the studio working on their second album, due out sometime this year.