Liam Gallagher On Feud With “Pansies” Blur

    Liam Gallagher is no stranger to controversy. The former Oasis member has feuded with everyone from The Spice Girls, to Take That member Robbie Williams, to his own brother about fifty times over. He recently recalled one of his most famous feuds with Blur in this month’s edition of NME. “At the time, I hated Blur. I thought they were just pansies from London and we were a totally different thing,” Gallagher told the British magazine. “You might have done certain things, but no one told me whether I liked someone or not. I thought it was all good fun.”

    Liam isn’t the only Gallagher brother to frequently run his mouth off. Watch Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus quiz Noel Gallgher on some of his more famous spats below: