Liam Gallagher Launches “Pretty Green”

    I strongly associate the Gallagher brothers with t-shirts from the ‘90s that have a single racing strip down the side, so it is surprising and maybe even a little exciting that Liam has started his own clothing line. He is, in fact, the edgier sibling – Noel being the one with superior skills and work ethic – and if anyone is going to make 1996 viable again, it’s him. (I’ve seen enough guys dressed like Right Said Fred lately to know that the day isn’t that far off.)


    The label, Pretty Green, launched online this morning, causing some server issues as 100,000 people (all British, presumably) tried to log in at once; for the next day or so, clothes are only viewable to registered users. Out of fear of receiving Liam Gallagher related email updates every day for the rest of time, I opted out of this service. But by all means, go for it. Expect gratuitous use of paisley-inflected fonts and fake vintage fabric.


    Conveniently, Oasis start their UK tour today, which includes three “homecoming” shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park.