Liam Gallagher Lashes Out at Fan During London Show

    The iTunes Live Festival in London has sparked numerous talking points, most of which revolve around Oasis. It’s been reported that Bloc Party encouraged their audience to summon up a chorus of boos aimed at the Gallagher brothers, which were triggered by some previous bad blood between the two bands.


    Oasis played their set at the festival last night (July 21), allowing singer Liam Gallagher to prove his tiresome bad-boy credentials once again. Items were apparently thrown at Liam as he took to the stage, causing the singer to remark: “Is that some fucking shitbag who’s throwing fucking lager, can’t handle a soft arse from fucking Camden town? Well get on this, fucking student.”


    Liam subsequently changed the lyrics to several songs and offered to meet the audience member who was throwing items at the band. “Here you are, student, if you want me to [go] offstage, don’t be throwing fucking pound coins,” he said. “Why don’t you try and come up here and fucking make me come off? Alright dickhead.” Sounds like business as usual for Liam Gallagher.