Liam Gallagher is a Former Breakdancer


    Jay-Z announced that he’d like to work with Liam Gallagher earlier this week, but was the hip-hop superstar aware of the former Oasis singer’s breakdancing talent? According to an interview with British tabloid The Sun, Gallagher threw down a few nifty moves back in the day.


    “I was into fashion from about 13, 14.” he said. “You want to look good. Girls are involved. I was into the old tracksuits. I never wore silly hats that turned sideways. Just the tracksuit. That was the first kind of music I got into really. We used to go round with a piece of lino, doing a bit of breakdancing in town to get a bit of money.”


    Gallagher runs his own clothing line, Pretty Green, although he hasn’t yet produced a series of clothes for breakdancers. Perhaps that’s his next move? He’ll certainly have a lot of time on his hands now Oasis are no more. Sadly, no video footage of his breakdancing career exists, but could Liam have matched the New Yorkers above, who are demonstrating a few moves to the sound of “Vitamin C” by krautrockers Can?