Liam Gallagher in “Knobhead” Feud with Brits Host


    It was the Brit Awards on Tuesday night (Feb. 16) and Liam Gallagher took the opportunity to ignite a couple of old and new feuds. He thanked everyone in Oasis circa (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? apart from his brother Noel when he went to pick up an award for Brit Album of 30 Years (whatever that is) and has also opened up a war of words with Brits host, comedian Peter Kay.


    “Congratulations to all the winners, including Noel Gallagher, who sadly didn’t get a mention (and who thankfully isn’t a knobhead),” said Kay on his website, making a thinly-veiled dig at Liam. Naturally, Liam still operates with the mentality of a teenager in a playground scrap, and couldn’t resist responding.


    “Listen up fat fuck as a real northerner I was brought up 2 say shit 2 people’s faces not behind their back,” he wrote on Twitter. Kay also called Liam a “knobhead” (“Like dickhead. Except with a knob,” Urban Dictionary helpfully explains) after he left the stage, no doubt fully aware that the former Oasis singer would respond in kind.


    [via NME]