Liam Gallagher Heads to Italy After Oasis Fall-Out

    It’s still not clear what Liam Gallagher’s plans are in the wake of his older brother’s departure from Oasis. The prospect of him continuing with the band without Noel won’t excite many people, but Liam is keeping quiet about his plans, and has fled to Italy with his wife and the band’s bass player, former Ride guitarist Andy Bell.


    Meanwhile, the British press has been speaking to just about anyone they can find to get a quote on the Gallagher brothers. The Gallaghers’ mother, Peggy, hints at a reconciliation by saying “they’ve had fights before and got over it,” while Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey thinks they will get back together. “You can’t really split when you’re brothers,” he said.


    Noel’s plans are similarly unclear, although it’s likely that he will embark on a solo career before the inevitable (and extremely lucrative) reunion tour. According to reports from an unnamed source of the tabloid newspaper the Sun, Noel called Liam “a fucking moron” during their fight backstage at the Rock en Seine festival in France.