Liam Gallagher “Gutted” About Oasis Split

    Liam Gallagher has issued further statements about the Oasis split, which follow his remarks confirming the end of the band last week. Gallagher was talking to British tabloid the Daily Mail, who secured the second interview with the singer since the group broke up in August.


    “It’s only just been a month and I have to sit down and work it out because as far as I’m concerned my comments would be on my musical headstone,” he said. “But I’m gutted. I love being in Oasis. When I’m ready, you will hear my side of the story.” That last enigmatic comment is sure to set the rumor mill a-buzz.


    Naturally, Liam couldn’t resist taking a swipe at his older brother, saying: “He dresses like Liz Hurley’s son. He’s on the posh vibe. Loves a cardigan and all that.” He also claimed to have finally stopped taking drugs in order to focus on raising his kids. “I’ve knocked all that [drug use] on the head since last November,” he said. “I’ll have a drink now and again. But not for the time being – I’m having a rest.”