Liam Gallagher Boasts New Band is ‘Bigger Than Oasis’

    In the most unsurprising statement of the week thus far, ever-so-humble Liam Gallagher tells London’s Sunday Times that his new badly named band, Beady Eye, will be “bigger” than Oasis, adding, “I’ve got no doubt about the music, no doubt about me. I’ve never sounded better.”


    Of course, this was just the beginning, with Gallagher going on to say that his brother Noel will be “crawling back” then boldly proclaiming, “I am Oasis.” Though they’ve probably fought a thousand fights during Oasis’s lifespan, apparently it took a little spat backstage before a gig in Paris for the pair to finally put an end to the once-massive Brit-pop band.


    For Beady Eye’s debut, which the snotty frontman says sounds “Beatlesesque” (shocker), Liam and his mates– former Oasis guitarist Gem Archer, bassist Andy Bell, and drummer Chris Sharrock–are reportedly working with U2 producer Steve Lillywhite. [via Spin]